Client L a u n c h & S u c c e s s Process

We take away the stress and help clients lay the ground work. We invest in delivering outcomes, not just deploying software.

Welcome Aboard!

The client will now have access to exclusive resources that are included with their Beanstack subscription. Get acquainted with the Beanstack User Group, Beanstack Buddies program, on-demand trainings, and more!

Getting Started

The client is introduced to their client success manager, who will deliver their “sandbox site” and help them get started with the interactive Beanstack Admin Setup Checklist to prepare them to launch their site.

Kickoff Q&A Session

The clients attends kickoff webinar to learn more about using Beanstack as an admin and next steps to set up their site.

Reading Challenge Setup & Customization

The client works on customizing their unique Beanstack site and reading challenges, and is encouraged to attend our live and on-demand training sessions. Their client success manager will check in periodically to guide them toward their target launch date. The most successful libraries take their time to coordinate internally, assign roles, create content, and design challenges that work for their multiple age groups.

Client Success Simulator Utilization

The client uses the Beanstack Client Success Simulator to make sure they've set up their site without any potential issues and also considered best practices based on data from prior reading challenges.

Ask Us Anything Sessions

It's simple. You and other clients come with questions. Our client success team member(s) answers those questions in real-time. We answer questions in the order they are asked. We leave no stone unturned.

Greenlight Survey

The client submit a "greenlight" survey to trigger a quality assurance review process.

Client Success Quality Site Review & Feedback

A client success team member reviews the client's site, makes notes on any outstanding issues or possible best practices, and delivers the feedback in a personal email to the client.

Library Admin & Frontline Staff Trainings

With the help of their client success manager, the client creates a frontline staff training plan, which includes Beanstack-led Staff Action webinars, “cheat sheet” creation, and participation in staff-only challenges.

Go Live!

The client gives the go ahead to update their site to its final url address. They are "live," and ready to share their site with the public.

Ongoing Support & New Challenges

The client has full access to Beanstack's helpdesk, knowledge base, and template challenges including #WinterRead. They receive regular opportunities to give feedback on their experience with Beanstack and periodic check-ins from the client success manager.