The 2018 Summer Reading Report: Best Practices to Increase Participation and Engagement

This summer was by far our biggest season ever. Across 800 libraries and over 2,000 unique reading programs, our partner libraries reached 1.4M readers worldwide. We’ve been crunching the numbers from this year’s results, and are excited to share what we’ve learned with you. 

Download your copy of our 2018 Summer Reading Report to get 15 actionable insights from our top performing programs on how to run a more effective summer reading program next year.

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What's Inside?

Through our partner librarians, we’re able to measure how small aspects of program design can have a measurable impact on readers. We share our findings in the hopes that we can help libraries everywhere (whether they use Beanstack or not) increase enrollment and engagement throughout the summer months and beyond.

To help inspire your future summer reading program, you'll learn:

Demographics Industry Trends on Usage & Demographics
Engage Actionable Insights on Driving Deeper Engagement
Trends Best Practices from the Most Effective Summer Reading Programs

Learn the Secrets to Driving Success and Engagement For Next Summer

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